Start tab labels Artwork Garment Start tab content Owls, hawks, eagles, parrots… birds were considered sacred in all Nahua cultures. The hummingbird, or huitzilin, was especially revered as the courier of thoughts and wishes.Inspired by the Pre-Columbian codexes, master illustrator G.M. Meave has beautifully reimagined the iconic creature. Collections: G.M.[…]


“Parrots” Decorative Glass BowlLiving in the tropics or bringing the tropics to you, this decorative bowl will liven up any spot in your home! I applied a painting I did of these fantastically colorful parrots, and gilded the square blown glass bowl with 23-Karat gold leaf on the reverse side[…]

“Parrots” Decorative Glass Bowl

If your dog is terrified of having their nails trimmed or you have cut down too deep, causing bleeding and discomfort for days, our revolutionary nail trimmer has been specifically designed for difficult pets and is the safest and easiest way to keep their paws healthy.Get short, smooth and rounded[…]

PistaPaws Painless Nail Trimmer,